Whether you are living in a busy city,  a professional, businessman, or a housewife, the busy schedule of each day will put our health, body, mind and soul under great pressure which could lead to accumulation large amount of toxins, that will eventually reduce your immunity, and overall well-being. 

It's time for you to be in touch with your body, mind and spirit once again!

Here's What You'll Learn and Experience In This 2-Days Detox Camp...

Do deep into your body, uncover the deepest part of your conscious and sub-conscious mind, to explore the purest and powerful self in within.

Aromatherapy: Let you feel and experience the beauty of aromatherapy yoga, cleanse your body and mind!

Detox Myth Diet: Most people want to detox; but how to carry out detox is actually safe and effective? This lesson will reveal the truth.
Internal and External Purification. To be healthy and beautiful, both internally and externally care are equally important. Learn how to make yourself to look healthier, more energetic and charming!
Experience healthy Cooking, promote digestive system and improve your mental and physical immunity!
Energy Massage, everyone can experience the benefits of energy massage, relieve physical and mental fatigue, and refresh yourself instantly!
Purification Test: Understand the level of health of our body, especially whether the toxins is in the body exceeded the requirement. Everyone can experience this during the camp.
Outdoor Activities: Everyone lives in a busy city every day, it is time to untie yourself, return to nature, and absorb the essence of the sun and the moon!

Venue Details:

The Water Villa

Who Should Attend?

Those who want to take a break from work, de-stress and desire to relax from day to day busy life.
Those who want to improve your health, mind, body and spirit.
Those who want to improve their overall well-being and experience a relaxing holiday.

A Camp That Improves Your Health. Body. Mind and Spirit In Just 2 Days

Detox Camp 1
Detox Camp 2
Detox Camp 4
Detox Camp 5
Detox Camp 3

In just 30 hours, you will be reborn and transform a newer and better self!

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